Get To Know About Managed WordPress Hosting And Its Top Providers


If you are have just begun using WordPress and is confused about what WordPress Hosting is, then you have landed on the right article! You might have already noticed that the cost of managed WordPress hosting is far higher than the usually shared hostings. This huge disparity in pricing might make you wonder the reason behind this price difference and whether managed WordPress is better in performance than others. The link provides a sneak peek into the some of the great WordPress hostings in the year 2017. You could also browse to know how to get started with WordPress.

Top Providers Of Managed WordPress Hosting
Ø The VIP WordPress Hosting- WP Engine
The hosting is extra fast and easy to use. The robust servers ensure that they can handle any issue that might crop up. You can be assured that your website remains hacker and spam-proof. Their extraordinary customer service also makes you feel special. They provide single click restore options, backups daily, automatic updates to security, automatic caching, single click staging, top-tier securities and much more. In short, it is just like you own an army of expert WordPress specialists near you to assist you whenever you need them. If you own a business and would prefer to leave the technical part of your blogs in reliable hands, then WP Engine is the one for you!

Ø Most Popular- SiteGround
This is one of the top providers of web hosting. It provides you all the powers that come with managed WordPress Hosting, at the same time ensuring that you won’t get tied up in the restrictions imposed by usually managed web hostings. The servers are super-fast, and the security levels are high. It also provides automatic updates, great tools for development CDN, backups, version controls and single click staging. They are the officially recommended hosting provider by the WordPress.

Ø Oldest Web Host- Bluehost
It was begun in 1996 and is the oldest hosting provider. They are also officially recommended by WordPress and is the best brand name in the field. Bluehost ensures that your website loads fast even when the web traffic is more. They have a twenty-four-hour expert assistance service to help you in case of any issues. They can be contacted by email, live chats or phone. They are ranked as the number one hosting provider by smaller businesses.

Ø The Leader- Liquid Web
It was begun in 1997 and is touted as the leader of dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting and managed cloud hosting. They offer top quality, fast support and hence is nicknamed as ‘Heroic Support.’ They offer hassle-free, high speed, and secure service.

Ø Making Web Hosting Easier- DreamHost
This one is popularly known for making web hosting easier. It was begun around eighteen years back and is still one of the favorites. You are provided with automatic updates, custom dashboard, free SSDs, limitless space, single click installations and much more. It is said to make your website 200 percent faster. Another great advantage is that they don’t have any fees for setup and the domain is also free.

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