You Need To Buy Microsoft Outlook For All These Reasons


Anyone who uses a computer or a laptop is familiar with Microsoft Office. Working people use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint almost daily. One of the apps that come bundled with Microsoft Office is MS Outlook. In simple words, it is the program that allows you to email without opening up an internet browser. One can Buy Outlook at Software Depot with a simple click and get the desktop email client in a jiffy. Outlook is not just for email. It also comes with a number of useful features. To explore options like calendar, journal, etc. go on to

MS outlook uses three protocols to send and to receive emails – POP3, IMAP and SMTP. All three are free to email servers that can be used to keep contacts, notes, store emails and calendar details. MS Outlook can be bought in a standalone package or bundled with other apps of the Microsoft Office suite. The advantage of using Outlook for email is that one can read the emails even when the internet connection is broken. This is because the application saves data in .pst or .ost form. These file extensions are personal storage files and offline storage files.

The other benefit that attracts users to MS Outlook is its speed. Unlike other email servers, Outlook takes virtually no time to send or receive emails. The processing time is lightning fast. This makes communication speedy and efficient, a crucial need in corporate environments. When compared to other desktop email clients Microsoft Outlook has another significant advantage. It allows management of contacts in a seamless manner. Instead of going to the address book and then finding the contact and then going to the edit option, Outlook allows direct access to the contact.

To alter a contact, all one has to do is click on the name. One can change or add data right from there. In the newer versions of Outlook, the tab Contacts has been replaced by People. Another feature that puts Outlook on the top of the list is Social Connectors. The email client updates you when one of your contacts posts something on a social media platform. Be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn the social activities of your peers and friends will be shown on your Outlook as it happens.

Access to social connectivity without jumping from one platform to the other is handy. But it is features like email attachment reminders that really make Outlook the best email client for professionals. Most of us would be familiar with the frustration that comes with sending an important email and then realising that a document was not attached to it. Outlook ensures that such stupid errors do not arise with its reminder settings. The desktop email client will pop-up a message that asks if an attachment has to be added or inserted before sending the email.

All these features like speed, connectivity, storage, etc. combine to make Microsoft Outlook one of the most powerful email clients for users. It makes work faster, efficient and error-free for everyone.

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